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MERN Stack Developer course

Complete MERN Stack Developer Bootcamp

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  • MERN Bootcamp Starting 04-April-2022

Do you want to become a MERN stack developer? MERN stack stands for MongoDB Express React and Node.

These are the most popular and widely utilised web app development tools available today. You'll learn all there is to know about backend frontend design, development, planning, picking the correct infrastructure, deploying, and sustaining the project even after it's been launched to the real world by continually upgrading and adding new features.

What Makes Us Different?

Hands on Projects - Doing is one of the most effective methods to learn. During this Bootcamp, we will create and deploy 10+ real-world projects.

Placement Assistance -E-Skills can help you with everything from interview preparation to networking with employers. Our Career Services staff is here to help you make the best decision and discover the best job for you.

Get Certificate - You Will Be Rewarded With A Widely Recognized Certificate After Completing And Passing The Bootcamp Exam.

Skills You Learn In This Course

  • Understand MERN (MongoDB Express React Node) Stack
  • Understand Core JavaScript React and Node
  • Learn Node JS API Development from Scratch
  • Understand JavaScript in the Browser Environment
  • Synchronous vs Asynchronous programming
  • Understand Modern JavaScript from Scratch
  • Learn Frontend Web Development with React
  • Learn to implement CRUD (create, read, update, delete)
  • Learn MongoDB
  • Deploy MERN Stack App to Digital Ocean Cloud Server
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